A crash analyse

It was a horrible crash with pixhawk and my new airplane. I dont get the reason. airplane get into spin and no response, and it wass too far to make a manuel control. it crash to a golf club almost make big damage.

Some one can help me with the log ?

here is bin log

api.ning.com/files/oszb1oYwZCncm … tJ3/22.BIN

here is Tlog
diydrones.com/group/apmusergroup … %3A1696014

here is discussion in old forum.
diydrones.com/group/apmusergroup … e=activity

thanks a lot


Should I post it in arduplane 3.0.0 ? here nobody have a look and give comments…
without dig some analyse, I can not fly it … Pls do help.

Hi there,

I have had a look at the log and to me it seems you have stalled the aircraft and stayed in a stall until hitting the ground. At 4:38:16 your throttle input goes to 0 and RC3 confirms 1000 (0% throttle). From this point on, all NAV Pitch values are 0 or positive (no down stick to descend and maintain airspeed). As a result airpseed drops to around 6-7ms and stays there until the end of the flight. I will assume you understand the relationship between airspeed, pitch and the possibility of stalling but if not let me know and I’ll explain for you.

It is worth remembering that FBWA does not have any flight envelope protection. You directly control throttle, Nav Pitch and Nav Roll which makes it possible to stall in this manner by reducing throttle and maintaining zero or positive pitch commands. For the sort of flying you were doing it is probably worth investigating FBWB mode where a zero throttle input will tell the aircraft to use throttle to maintain the FBW_Min speed set in parameters.

I hope this is helpful and good luck with future flights.