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A couple of code building questions

(John R) #1

I wasn’t sure Gitter was the right place for this, so I’ll try here.
Short recap
Ardupilot source code is on a NAS drive
Win 7 desktop with CYGWIN is on same network as the NAS drive.

I figured how to get the build running without too much drama, but it takes a while to run on my desktop. Specs are Celeron G3900, 2.8GHz, and 4 GB ram. Neither the CPU usage or Memory usage levels are high. CPU usage is around 30-40%, memory maybe 60%, but it takes 20+ minutes to build 1 board (Matek 405-Wing) for Arduplane. Not sure on exact time, but will set a timer next time I build. It doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue, usage is not maxed out, but maybe it is a software issue?

(Peter Hall) #2

-j is the number of jobs to run in parallel, not sure what it defaults to but you may get a speed up