700 class gasoline heli

Controller Pixhawk(AC3.3.3)
Telemetry Xbee(2.4GHz)
Engine OS-GT15HZ(25:1)
Throttle controller Futaba GV-1

Stabilize OK.
Alt Hold OK.
Loiter OK.
PosHold OK.
Circle OK.
Auto OK.

The above is confirmed.

Everyone throttle channel?


Auto Mode


Very interesting, I have a Trex600 Nitro where I would to use the Pixhawk please could you give me indication about the Pixhawk mounting, vibration dampening etc …

I used pixhawk on a TRex450 with interesting results on stabilize, acro and loiter flight mode.

My target is to have a flybarless controller to introduce the capability for a real fail safe system to be used on large replica helicopters where a fault on RC controller radio link will signify a disaster and a safety issue.

So you experience is interesting.

Thanks in advance

Method of wiring. (Strong shaking)
The rotor rotation, are below 1500rpm.
Vibration in the engine adjustment will change.

Hi Hiro yama/anyone,

i m setting up same heli 700Gasser with pixhawk in which elevator servo is at the front side…and i m getting pitch compensation in wrong direction…is it because of elevator servo at -180.

Hi Hiro Yama/Anyone,
Pitch compensating in wrong direction in my Trex 700Gasser with pixhawk.where elevator servo is at the front …is it because of arducopter code.
help is required…

If the mounting direction of the FC is oriented frontal, you can change the position of the servo by setting.

Thanx hiro yama, i got it already…its working…by default servos pos is - 60 60 180, i changed it to -120 120 0.

What happens when I reverse the corresponding channel with full parameters?

Hello hiro yama ,I have a helicopter align-trex-450.can we change futaba R617fs by xbee with ardupilot and bbb card because i want to make a cape based on xbee emitter?