7 inch racer quadcopter

Hi people
Me and a buddy of mine decided to create a 7 inch racer drone. We plan to use 2508 2100kv AirA motors. The copter will be around 600g (+100 or -100) without te battery. I plan to use 6s 2100mah 30c battery. But dont think the C rate is enough. I cant find one with higher C rate and some people recommend me to use two 6s 1050mahs with 75c…

What do you guys suggest I do ?

Are you sure they are 2100kv motors and not 1200kv?

I think most 7" frame nearly 400 to 600gms but I think your plane is little bit heavy , also 2100mah battery for long rang like 2100 to max 3000mah on 7" and yes you can go with 1700mah with max “C” rating because your motor as you describe “2100Kv” it’s current hungry hope you think about your motor kv

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh yeah sorry its 1200 kv my bad

I dont get what hungry hope is or anything you said in last sentence ( english is not my first language ) also the motors are 1200 kv and 2100. And Is 800 to 900 grams really that heavy i mean i will have enourmous thrust rates with motors that big

If we assume a Take Off Weight of ~975g (375g battery) it would have the potential to pull ~110A max so if you were using a 2100mah battery a ~50-75C would be a good choice.

Dependin on what variables you can say -110 A

I just plugged the numbers into eCalc. I have built many multirotors and it predicts pretty well. In this case Current @ Motor Maximum X4.

thank you very much, our motors will also have %5 angle and the frame size will be much smaller but i think i have a general idea now

Frame size in the calculator doesn’t matter. It’s only purpose is to determine max prop. It has no influence on performance data.

Are you sure ??? , Because I don’t think your motor 800 to 900grams i think there is a mistake you add a 1 more “Zero”

And you can see

Its be done if you want ,

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

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my motors are 4 x 50g = 200gs total weight, i mean the entire copter with the batteries will be around 800 to 900g