6s Multirotor help


New to the forum so i hope somebody can help or at least chastise me for being an idiot because it’s a simple fix. Either one works.

I’m building a new multirotor and speak Mikrokopter and DJI fluently. APM is a new language for me. I want to run 6s batteries but the APM power module can only 4s. I know i can bypass this and power the flight control separately but i will lose valuable telemetry gained by going through this. Is there a way to run 6s into this APM power module without toasting it? Or is there an alternative out there i can use?

Help will be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

We ran one inadvertently at 6S and it was fine, no heating or any other issue for the 20 minute flight but it’s not recommended, the claimed max rated voltage is 18V. Alternative is to get one of the 50A or 90A non-3DR current sensors and pull the V & I off there and power the APM with a 6S rated UBEC.

Hey, Thanks for the response.

So i found this page here: plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/voltage_current-3/

It shows how to use an Attopilot voltage sensor so i’ll probably go ahead with one of those. Unfortunately it appears the picture showing how to connect it to the APM is broken. Fortunately i did find this link that shows how it connects the two together which is pretty simple even if you go off the description from the first link but pictures are always helpful for people. wiki.ardupilot-mega.googlecode.c … APM2_2.jpg

Then i’ll just go ahead and power the APM separately. I should be fine to just use the 5v coming out of one of my brushless controllers to do this correct?

I’ll be sure to log back in when/if everything works to let anyone interested know.

Thanks again for the help!

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