50% Battery automatic RTL

I made a hexacopter, when i fly the copter, it goes to RTL at 50% battery


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Provide a bin log and state your battery details.

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Thank you :blush:

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what battery do you have?

Use the Initial Parameters section of Mission Planner, or this spreadsheet, to correctly set your battery voltage parameters. If you still have issues then your battery could be going bad. Don’t change the parameters to mask a battery issue.

New Orange 3s 6200mAh Battery.
flight time only 5-7 min .

I got all checked but failsafe turns on at 11.5v

Fix the access requirement in the link you posted or no one will see your log file.

The quad did as it was told. BAT_LOW_VOLT is set to 10.5, and when the voltage reached a sustained 10.5, the RTL was triggered.

Some general comments about the log:

The battery voltage dropped right away from 12.5 to 11v. This isn’t a problem but it may be a sign that the battery is in poor condition.

You should also follow the tuning guides and set up the quad. I see all the defaults are still in place and the control loop performance is poor. If you follow the tuning guides you may actually see an increase in battery life, and certainly in flight performance.