5" Beater for flight controller testing [APPROVED]


5" Beater frame for flight testing new flight controllers

Proposal type: Hardware [X] , Software [ ] , Other [ ] : _________________


I need a 5" beater frame that is virtually indestructible that I can use to flight test the controllers that I am porting. It needs to accommodate 30x30 mounting and have enough space to be able to fit and refit flight controllers easily

Planned amount $$ (USD):

5" Beater 6S
Armattan Marmotte 5" £108
5x Tmotor F40 Pro IV 1950Kv £110
TBS Tracer Sixty9 £44
Gemfan 51466 x8 £8
Matek M8Q-5883 £26
TBS Triumph Pro UFL £19
T-Motor F55A F3 Pro II 4-in-1 £69
Tattu R-Line V3 1400mAh 6S 130C x2 £80
Shipping £10
£474 $621

Estimated time for completion:


Approved by @Funding_Team