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4g modem and or network

(Rat Fink) #1

Hi all,

So i am getting ready to build my bot… Security with a diesel engine. Big, not as big as a tractor…

I am still getting my head around all this but what I will need is the ability to use 4g network and go anywhere.

I have seen a number of people that have done this but cant seem to find the hardware/modem/boards, etc… I am trying to het a complete list of what i need to make 4g network possible.

Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

(rmackay9) #2

I hope someone else provides the info and when they do we will add it to the wiki!

I’ve seen Ali from EAMSLab accomplish this using a wifi router but I do not know the details I’m afraid. I also have heard that Robsense has a telemetry product that supports this but I have not tried it.

(vooteleaer) #3

We are flying Navio2 with raspberry 3 using 4G dongle. The problem is, that groundstation has to have open ports and fixed ip. There’s some isp-s who provide this, but it’s much more expensive. To overcome this we developed our own system with OpenVPN server and special MavRoute server software, which routes MavLink between nodes automatically. We can have 255 simultaneous vehicles/groundstations connected simultaneously.

We have also tested PXFmini autopilots with this system, using Raspberry Zero hardware, but it’s just total pain to get working - due Erle Robotics using older, Jessie debian version.

With Raspberry you can also have live camera stream(s) and file sync services installed for aerial photo syncing while still flying.
Or, make “flying wi-fi hotspot” using HostAPd

(Mike Boland) #4

I have been asked to look into swarming and was thinking of using the RP setup for the addition of video, etc.

Have you documented any of the details of your setup online?
Especially the MavRouter you mentioned?

I already do the comms via VPN but it the multi point stuff that is proving painful.
Very problematic trying to use radios to do it.

(vooteleaer) #5

No I haven’t done any documantation yet. Maybe someday I publish the MavRoute into public release.
Basically all nodes - qgroundcontrol, and ardupilots connect to same ip address via udp, it’s star-like topology. I don’t use any radio links at all, even manual flights are controlled via 4g telemetry. There’s secondary connection via raspberry internal wifi for emergencies. I had one occasion, where 4g connection was lost and no backup telemetry and it resulted of crash

(***) #6

look at this setup UAVcast-Pro. i recently purchased their non-commercial which only difference is a few minor things, code and everything is the same. you use a rpi as companion computer setup is a breeze and everything is documented well. I am in the us and using verizon wireless as 4g provider.