450 quad flips right with 50% throttle on new firmware

hello guys,
am new to apm family , well have flashed apm 2.6 with latest firmware and on takeoff it flips right at about a throttle of 50% i have checked all the props position and no trims or mixing on tx everythng is f9 bt seems i am missing somethng can anyone guide me pls…

Videos really do not help to troubleshoot an issue.
How about providing tlogs and/or data flash logs to help analyze the flight controller issue you are experiencing.

here are some data logs i flied on 3.2 firmware

hey i have tried flashing the apm 2.6 with a release of october 1 ,2014 and now it flipped left … one prb that i feel would be am nt using a gps on the quad would that be the prb as compass isnt there its disabled as its 2.6 board

i had that issue but the problem was my props after i put the props correct it started to fligh correct and no more flips

check you props

no props are correctly on correct motors spinning …um


I have analysed some of the log files, it is evident the gap between desroll and roll .

If there’s really no issue with the motor’s assemble, wiring, esc calibration, propellers etc… my bet would be some sort of esc failure or excessive vibrations, but… they are withint the safe levels, however we must consider that that the quad were still touching the floor with two legs ( that should dump the vibrations a little bit ). so the real vibrations would be more severe than what are being measured.

What was that thottlein input variations starting around line 9k? Was it you testing?

Have you calibrated your propellers? Are you sure that the propellers’ nuts are not loosen?

How did you isolated the apm board from the frame to dampen the vibrations?

hello sir ,
i have figured the prb out as i was using multiwii and kk and cc3d before i misunderstood the motor sequence that is front left motor is motor 3 bt i considered it motor 1… my mistake
silly thng which made me do so many stuff sry all and thanks for the help … it flied today … with some displacement on althold seems so vibration issue … may be will sort it out by props balanced or somethng else… thank a lot all attached the flight log juss flied it to my height … :slight_smile: