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4 PingRX ADS-B receivers for sale

Hi There! I have 4 or 5 uAvionix pingRX ADS-B receviers for sense and Avoid. At least two of them are in unopened packages. All in good condition. 150 € per piece plus shipping from Stockholm - Sweden.

Do you know what the shipping to Canada might be as I have an interest.

Shipping is about 13 €. Do you need all of them?

No just perhaps 2 of them

Hi, I am interested in one of your ADS-B receivers. Shipping is to Austria.

Hi Roland, ok great. I still have two so I can sell you one. Shipping should be about 10 €. Can you pay through paypal?

Hello Elof, yes, paypal is ok!

Hi Tyrolean. Did you also email me directly or was that someone else?

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