4 PingRX ADS-B receivers for sale

Hi There! I have 4 or 5 uAvionix pingRX ADS-B receviers for sense and Avoid. At least two of them are in unopened packages. All in good condition. 150 € per piece plus shipping from Stockholm - Sweden.

Do you know what the shipping to Canada might be as I have an interest.

Shipping is about 13 €. Do you need all of them?

No just perhaps 2 of them

Hi, I am interested in one of your ADS-B receivers. Shipping is to Austria.

Hi Roland, ok great. I still have two so I can sell you one. Shipping should be about 10 €. Can you pay through paypal?

Hello Elof, yes, paypal is ok!

Hi Tyrolean. Did you also email me directly or was that someone else?

Have you sold the last one (ADS-B Rx) ?

Hello Frankie!

I still have one ADS-B Rx for sale. You want it? Where should I send it?

I will check postage and give you a total that you can transfer over paypal.


Elof Winroth

Hello, are you interested?

The requirement to use ADS-B receiver is mandatory in USA, and I just found out it is not yet mandatory in Canada where I live.

I have to wait sometime before Canada announces this requirement.


ok! you can email me at elof.winroth@nordluft.se when/if you decide