4.3.5 Orange Cube+ bdshot firmware

I can’t seem to find the latest stable (4.3.5) firmware for the Orange Cube+ w/bdshot.

I checked the downloads and don’t see it. Mission Planner couldn’t find it either.

I did find dev 4.4.0 but am getting AHARS & MAG errors so that won’t work.

Am I losing my mind? :upside_down_face:

Consider your mind lost.


Yes, found that one but not for CubeOrange+ w/bdshot.

Oops. I don’t see a bdshot target for CubeOrangePlus.

But all builds support DSHOT. It’s just missing the bi-directional telemetry feature (unless that’s defaulted on the Plus, but I can’t confirm that at the moment).

I’m now noticing there is no bdshot firmware for the Cube+ until dev 4.4.0.

Does anyone know if this will become available before 4.4? @rmackay9 perhaps?

I can’t answer whether a backport is in the works, but if you can make do with serial ESC telemetry for now, it will be an easy upgrade to BDSHOT when it is rolled out as stable. I wouldn’t call it a deal breaker for most applications. Again, you can still use DSHOT.

I’ll look at 4.4.0 again but hopefully bdshot becomes available soon-ish for the Cube+.

Dev build won’t work for me. I’ll just have to wait.

@csweets You should be able to build for 4.3 stable versions by copying the hwdef folder for CubeOrangePlus. I can prepare a build for CubeOrangePlus with 4.3 stable as well if needed.

I do need to learn the firmware build process and was going to start going down that path next week but if you are able to create a target so I can work with it over the weekend, would be much appreciated!

@csweets . Here are builds for Plane and Copter 4.3 stable with bdshot support Index of /PublicTestFW/CubeOrangePlus-bdshot/ . Please verify it works for you and let me know. I have made a PR for it to be backported to 4.3 incase there’s another release. Backport cubeorangeplus bdshot to 4.3-stable by bugobliterator · Pull Request #23246 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

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You’re amazing thank you. :100:

Excellent! I often hesitate to recommend that folks roll their own firmware, since so many struggle with the process. It isn’t really that difficult, but it can be a challenge if you aren’t comfortable with the command line.

Anyway, if you do decide to learn the build process, I recommend following the Linux instructions if at all possible. Even on Windows, WSL makes that entirely possible (avoid Cygwin!).

I’m on Mac and Linux is fine but I just haven’t learned the procedures yet to build Ardupilot. I’m eventually going to need secure firmware w/OpenDroneID assuming it’s not already baked in by then. Thanks again for your help everyone.