4.2.3 Heli update altered my parameters

Today I connected to MP to change my governor speed (H_RSC_SETPOINT) and got the message that I should update to v4.2.3 from v4.2.2, which I duly did.

When I reconnected to MP the first thing I noticed was the display on the Data page showed my heli was lying on its side, which it wasn’t at the time :unamused: I then went to the H_ parameters and saw that H_RSC_MODE was set at 1 when it should have been 2 because I’m using the governor in my ESC. I didn’t bother checking any more parameters, but simply recovered and wrote the file I’d saved a couple of days ago, then refreshed the parameters, and all seems well.

Is it normal that I should need to reload the parameters after doing an upgrade, or is it a bug in 4.2.3 upgrade?

P.S. When I first connected to MP, before updating the v4.2.3, the Data display showed my heli right way up.

@dkemxr This is not a Heli issue. It is a copter 4.2 issue and is why I changed the section it was posted in to Copter 4.2

OK, got it. The last post was to Copter also and it was a Trade heli issue and they don’t seem to get attention as you are almost a one man show for Trade Heli support :grinning:


It’s not normal that any parameters should have been updated as part of the 4.2.2 to 4.2.3 upgrade. It is a relatively minor upgrade with no changes in the parameter defaults.

If you found that you also had to do an accel and/or compass calibration then I suspect all parameter were wiped. This can happen but it’s normally not because of the AP software but rather because of a hardware/voltage issue with the eeprom chip that leads to corruption that then leads AP to believe it is a new board that needs its eeprom wiped. For some of the boards with lots of memory (CubeOrange, Durandal) AP has extra protection to backup and restore parameters but this isn’t possible on most older board including very popular ones like the CubeBlack and Matek boards.

Hmmm, I thought I had selected the Arducopter 4.2 section. Thanks for moving it Bill.

rmackay9, I didn’t investigate the file any further, but I’m guessing that somehow it had reverted to default parameters because my Matek H743MINI flight controller is mounted sideways, hence the incorrect attitude showing in the MP Data page, which alerted me to the problem. The 4.2.2 > 4.2.3 installation appeared to proceed normally – would I have noticed the extra step if it was wiping the eeprom?

With the correct saved parameter file loaded the only PreArm message is my compass needs to be calibtrated, but I assumed that’s because the motor is out of the heli at the moment awaiting a replacement :roll_eyes:

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