4.15 upgraded and the logs seem different

So I got one of my drones upgraded to 4.15 and it flies great. Faster then before and seems pretty stable. Will tune it again just to dial it in further but looks good so far.

As is the norm I check my logs after the flight and noticed some oddities.
First I have batt2 set as ESC yet in the log there is no batt2…however there is an ESC listing.
I also find that there are no individual ESC telemetry data available as there was before.

So am I missing something. IS there a different place to look.

Edit: so it’s not a log issue. It’s Drone Plotter that isn’t showing the data. UAV Log View shows it just fine. I would delete teh post but I am unsure how lol

@rickyg32 you are a bit late on the update train. ArduCopter 4.2.0 stable got released today :slight_smile:

@amilcarlucas ha ya I noticed. I upgraded a few days ago and today when I was pulling the logs I saw the message about 4.2. Dang. I assume it’s a simple enough upgrade from 4.15.
I went from 4.07 to 4.15 and it was ugly. lol

It should be straight forward. But backup your parameters before the update so that you can load them safely if for some strange reason you need to downgrade.

Always do lol.

Cheers man