4.1.0_dev in Racedrone, one Time massiv Yaw Error

at the Moment Im changing al my racedrones from Betaflight to my beloved Ardupilot. Besides from how nice you can adjust the aircraft it is fantastic to learn wich Parameter changes what. Allthough Im working with Ardupilot now since several Years the real PID adjustment i learned through the racedrones.
Anyway, 4.1.0. works really nice. The devolpments from @andyp1per (Crossfire, RaceCam Split2 OSD) are working perfekt except from the Telemetry over Bluetooth to the Mission Planner.

Today from 10 flights one was really strange. During some Loopings the aircraft was suddenly yawing and in the OSD I could read something about Yaw error.
Here is the Log for everybody who might have an Interess in:


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My guess is that the EKF is unhappy about something. This is common on my race drones - especially ones with a lot of MAG interference or vibration. I tend to switch off stuff that let’s the EKF interfere with the yaw estimate as it generally gets it wrong. Can’t find the settings right now.

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One Problem usually is the compass and the high current in a small space. I have done a Motor / Compass calibration to avoid that Trouble.

I can’t see much wrong here apart from your GPS velocity innovations going bad.

I think if you are going to do flips and rolls you want to rely less on the GPS. MAG is likely to be more stable and your MAG looks pretty good.

If you are flying Acro, does GPS / Mag / Baro has got any Influence?
I thought the, are all “off”

You can still get an EKF Yaw reset - which is what you are seeing I think.

Yes, I think that is what I saw, the Racer turns very quickly and for a short Moment I saw in the OSD some Notice about the YAW

Maybe that’s why Betaflight don’t support a Compass and a GPS only for a Rescue Mode.