3DRX8+ Mounting Propellers - Hardware?

I’ve got a 3DRX8+ with no way to mount the propellers. I managed to figure out that the nuts required are size M5x.8. However, I see on 3DR’s page: https://3dr.com/support/articles/propeller_assembly/

that there are more than nuts used to attach the propellers. I’ve got the adapters installed it looks like but it looks like there is a nylon looking spacer, and the M5x.8 nuts also might be nylon… Here’s what I’ve got:

What should I use to attach propellers? Should I just get some spacers that fit? Can I get original 3DR mounting hardware? This seems kind of important.

The washer you see is to distribute the force of the nut over a larger area and they are usually serrated underneath to grip the prop.
Most hobby shops have these type of prop adaptors on the shelf.
If you really want to rough it, any strong serrated washer could do the job.

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Thanks. Unfortunately, my nearest hobby shop which carries drone stuff is about 10 hours driving, but I will continue checking online and if I can’t find, I’ll probably get a nylon spacer, then on top of that use the serrated washer for each. My local hardware store has nylon washers and serrated washers. I think I’ll also get the nylon locking style nuts. If you have any ideas for search terms to find what I’m looking for… Please do tell. I’ve been looking quite a bit already but not finding exactly what I need.

There is NO nylon washer in there.
Just the serrated washer should be sufficient.
For some high torque motors we even cut discs of fine sandpaper to go between the prop and washer to make sure there is no chance of rotation.
But just serrated washer should do the trick, just make sure its adequately thick.

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Here’s what I ended up getting. I might use a little bit of purple threadlocker (weak) when installing. The serrated washers are attached. Total cost: $2.70, with one spare.