3drobotics Iris+, I screwed it up

I have a question about the Iris+, I was messing around with the settings in Mission Planner and I screwed up the firmware.
I have since received “ArduCopter-v2-AC32-Iris.px4” installed it on the copter and calibrated the compass, the accelerometer and the transmitter, one big difference between before and after is that if I put the GoPro on the front it struggles and makes all kinds of propeller noise trying to fly but before the changes it flew perfectly with and without the camera.
I’m wondering if I should be using a different preset possibly, right now I’m using 3DR_Iris+.param?

Please help.

With the original IRIS there was one configuration to be used with the gimbal, and long legs, and one for without. I’m not sure if the GoPro on the nose had its own configuration.

I’d check for different configuration files, or email 3DR for assistance.