3DR Y6 Crash due to PosHold or GPS glitch?

I’m an experienced Plane user, but haven’t had much time with Copter.
I’m working on a stock 3DR Y6B with Pixhawk.
I just loaded on 3.2 rc9, and performed an autotune successfully.
I then took off again and switched to PosHold. A few seconds later the copter became uncontrollable and crashed.
I just read in another thread that PosHold does not even exist in 3.2. MP displayed it on the HUD, the .logs and .tlogs both show that I was in PosHold. If MP is outdated, that still doesn’t explain why the .logs would record a mode that doesn’t exist.
I also noticed what might be a GPS glitch just at the moment of the crash.
[attachment=2]GPS Glitch2.jpg[/attachment]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Challinger retracted his statement about PosHold not being in 3.2. So now I really don’t have many leads as to the cause of the crash. At the very end if the tlog I can see the copter fly away after the crash (it’s ghost?). That is another hint that it might be gps related.
Can I please get some help looking at this 3DR Y6 with 3DR Pixhawk?
Jonathan? Robert? Randy?
I know you are all busy, so I’ll be patient.

I think you may’ve had a motor, ESC or prop failure (probably motor 4). Inertial navigation didn’t fail, so it isn’t a sensor failure (gps, compass, accelerometer).

Strange. Everything seems fine. I took it up again yesterday and it seemed fine, then it suddenly looked like it was going to tumble but recovered itself. I’ll do a close inspection of motor/ESC #4 and see if I can find a fault.
Thanks for the time. I will post a follow up here, maybe with a new log.

Have a log of that flight?

Here is the .bin log from that 2nd flight.
Please ignore what looks like the last flight. I was holding it in my hand inside the garage.
The event appears to have occurred at about line number 36k - 37.5k. Again it looks like motor 4 is acting up. That would be the bottom rear, and its partner is motor 3 above it.
[attachment=0]y6 motors.jpg[/attachment]

I don’t see anything wrong with the motor. I guess I’ll just have to swap it out and see what happens.

Yup, I’d check out that motor/prop/esc. Lucky it isn’t a quad - it’d be completely gone several times over.