3DR X8 support group here?

I bought an X8 RTF but it wasn’t and I need support, Help! Since there is no one posting here lets make this the X8 support group. I am having tons of trouble configuring my 3DR X8 to fly for more than 5 minutes, be stable and lift my gimbal and camera. It burns through the 3s batteries provided instantly and it using lots of amps just to hover. It doesn’t hover well in Stablize and is not very controllable in Loiter. Its throttle acceleration is wacky. either it is climbing in altitude or dropping like a stone. I have had to repair it several times from crashes and it’s getting expensive.


I guess we have to start an X8 support tab!

First off is this your first multirotor? Perhaps adding some photos of your setup might help so we can see how your gimble is setup. I don’t own an X8 so am no expert!

I own two DJI Phantoms with gimbals and Go Pro 3s that I fly almost daily with no problems.

I needed a heavy lift machine to carry a larger camera and after reading the 3DR site and corresponding with the CEO and President decided it would be a good choice. I ma finding it underpowered and very hard to configure with no publish guidelines or standard configs for this machine. With the added parts to the landing gear and the 2 axis gimbal with camera, I am at around 2.88 kg in weight.

I am a trained engineer and prepared to get past the learning curve and setup to fix my problems, if the 3DR X8 is capable of handling the requirements.

I attached a photo of the machine as rigged.


I expanded the range of this subforum to cover all 3DR RTF copters except IRIS


I’ve got the X8 too, looking to fly NEX or blackmagic. I’m about to buy a 3axis gimbal - where did you get those landing pads? The gimbal goes beyond the X8 legs at the moment so need to extend mine, too

Does yours handle the weight ok? Is the footage stabile? what kind of flight time do you get?

So far I have not had a good experience with the X8. I find 3DR support wholly inadequate.

I had to make my own landing pads because 3DR does not support or provide anything, weird because they claim the X8 is designed for carrying heavier payloads. My total weight with camera payload and gimbal is 2.88 kg. With that weight the X8 hovers at well over 60 amps draw and drained the batteries shipped in a few minutes. I am experimenting with two 5 amp 4S batteries to lower amp consumption. In my tests the X8 has been unstable and very hard to fly. The added weight lowers the COB making the pitch and roll swings more pronounced. I think the design might benefit from larger props but the present design does not allow anything over 10".

The process of PID adjustment can be very challenging, I am thinking of converting to the DJI Naza-M V2. I fly two DJI Phantoms regularly to shoot Real Estate and they totally out perform the X8 so far. I have put many hours into working on the X8 setup and so far I haven’t got it. Others say thet are flying them with stability, but I have not seen anyone carrying a rig like you or I are attempting.

Believe me I want it to work, but so far no good. I will continue some flight tests before I throw in the towel and convert to the Naza M.

hmm, that’s not really encouraging. What frame would you use with the naza v2 controller?

PIDs are becoming old hat with auto tune.


Have you ensured that all 8 props are mounted in the correct position and correct direction?

I’ve heard people are flying ok with 900g payload (gimbal+camera+lens) - which sounds about right, the “official” number i saw was 880g payload. what’s your payload weight?

And would definitely check all the props have the writing facing up, and are in the right places, maybe post a video of your copter so people can comment?