3DR Updates Notifications?

I bought a 3DR Iris+ a few months ago from a retailer. I don’t recall ever “registering” this bird with anyone. My question is …

Is there a online “registration” process with 3DR?

If so, what is required to register?

If so, once registered, does 3DR have a good policy of notifying owners of new firmware updates and where/how to get them applied?

If not, where should I look for Iris+ or Pixhawk updates?

If not, how much emphasis should be applied (and where) to finding out what component has or needs an update? (Pixhawk or the Iris+) I don’t want to apply any beta updates and I don’t want to apply any updates that will mess up other aspects such as mission planning.

Sorry for so many questions. Thanks.

There is no registration process.

Advancements in the Arducopter code that run your IRIS are announced on the DIYDrones Blog. If you are using mission planner a pop up will appear asking if you would like to upgrade to a new firmware version.

I was given this website at one time to register my product.


They usually send out emails to let you know what’s going on and if you need to upgrade your firmware if they find a bug.


I tried to register on that link but, where is the serial number on the Iris+? I got mine from Amazon.com, after I could not get the 3dr site to work right. There are a couple of stickers on the box, covering up another set of stickers underneath. All kinds of numbers and letters. I can’t find anything else anywhere?

Numbers are inside the battery compartment underneath where the battery slides in. 2 labels