3DR Ublox calibration and GPS

Currently, I plugged in the 3DR Ublox GPS/Compass into APM2.6. There are several issue i faced,

  1. I’m unable to calibrate my compass, it hangs after obtaining 3 data points.
  2. Mission Planner states that I’ve no GPS connected even though I have connected them.

I have read about the blue blinking light in Ublox, but from what I observed, I only managed to see a solid red light from the Ublox, i.e there is power. but I do not see any blue blinking leds…

This sounds like the same problem that I had, check out this video.


I contacted 3DR support, and they deemed it an RMA.

Have you checked for +5V on the I2C port, measure the voltage on the pin far to the left and far to the right on the I2C port, should be slighty above +5V.

On mine the compass calibration worked fine when I unplugged the I2C port from the GPS/Compass, the GPS worked fine though, I got GPS lock, but the compass did not function properly.