3DR Telemetry module problem


i notice today that my 3dr telemetry module does not recognized any more from any of my pc`s.
I try the second module the one was attached to my copter and was ok to connect on pc.
I open the faulty module case and i think something is burned inside…(see photo)

Now i manage to move the faulty module to the copter and using the good one to connect to my pc and is working.

The questions is, can i trust it as it is?
Why that happened?
Does 3dr can send me a healthy module?
Can i replace by my self what seems to be burned.
Were can i found the part if yes?

Thank you!

Hi playfieldofangels7,

So the module is working if you connect it to the copter by the DF13 cable, right? If so, then the USB connection is the problem, and you should send an email to help@3drobotics.com

RogelioN yes.

I contact them and have a reply from them for some drivers testing.
Well, not any good at the moment.

Will see.