3DR Radio v2 low RSSI / range

Hello everybody,

I recently bought 3DR Radio v2 for my drone project. I successfully connect it to my Pixhawk Cube and pair transmitter and receiver via Mission Planner. I got a issue when i walk with my drone like 5-10 meters and RSSI almost down nearly 130-150 and when i move away like 80-100 meters, it goes down 90-100 and I send or receive data’s with like 1 or 1.5 second delay. I tried to change Tx power and update the firmwares of both of them with Mission Planner and reset parameters couple time but no changes. Is there any suggestion you guys got the solve this problem? I will be very pleased if you so! Thanks

A lot of these type of radios are OK but delivered with really crappy antenna.

Try using a better antenna.