3dr radio telemetry not connecting in MP

I lost the ability to use my 3dr telemetry in Mavericks when I updated my OS so I bought a windows 8.1 laptop. I heard it was the most stable for running mission planner. I went ahead and ran the wizard and setup my apm 2.6 board. Everything went well until I tried to setup my 3dr radio telemetry module. There wasn’t a com port listed in the pulldown for my 3dr radio so I installed the drivers recommended for windows on the APM website and restarted windows 8.1, as per directions. When I reopened mission planner, the additional com was available in the pulldown(in this case, com5). So I went to the 3dr settings page and selected com 5 @ 57600 baud and clicked on load settings. I got the error message "invalid com or in use"
any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

couple of notes-
running windows 8.1 64 bit version
apm 2.6
3dr radio telemetry module 915 mhz

I just wanted to add that I get a solid green light on both the air and ground modules

Seems to be indicating that the radios are locking together Ok but your com port is Ithink being shared with something else ?.Perhaps try to check your device manager and see if anything else on the com ports is using com5 or see if you can change the port number in the settings on windows (don’t know how to on this one maybe google?) then if you can change reboot and restart MP and don’t forget to unhook the usb to get the radio settings to load the radio and usb share access in the FC OK.
Hope this helps