3dr radio coax antenna connector repair

I just accidentally broke the center pin on my 3dr radio air module antenna connector (the part that’s soldered to the board, that you screw the antenna onto). Is it possible to repair this by removing the connector and soldering on a new one?

If so, does someone know where I could get a replacement connector?

Thanks in advance. I bummed I broke it, but hopefully it’s repairable!

Hi Myster,

Yes, you can repair it, the part number is this: CONREVSMA003.031

Try to find it in digikey or mouser

Great. Thank you very much!

I just ordered the part and will try to repair it.

Hey guys,
Recently I unfortunately had the same problem and broke my radio antenna. I will order the new part that was recommended on here and I appreciate the info. However, is the part soldered onto the board? It looks like a surface that will not adhere with solder? Any input would be great and I appreciate the time. Thanks guys.

I think the connector was originally soldered to a foil strip that made the connection to the board. I’m pretty sure I destroyed that when I removed it. I was able to get it to work however by making a “bridge” of solder to make the contact between the connector and the board. It’s shoddy and ugly work, but it’s functional. I was also able to sort of crimp the connector to the board by squeezing the prongs with pliers… then a healthy portion of electrical tape. Works now without problems (maybe not as sturdy as it originally was). Good luck.