3DR GPS UBlox shows NO GPS in Mission Planner

I’m configuring my new 3DR quadcopter and having an issue with the Ublox GPS module not showing up in the mission planner. I waited till after calibrating the ESC’s to even take it out of the package and install it. Mission planner says NO GPS. I have the APM2.5+ and the cable is connected. Did I miss something here? The only references I found suggest that it should just be plug and play.

What GPS are you using: the uBlox LEA-6 or the MediaTek V2?
If you are using the uBlox LEA-6 you should see a red led shinning on the connector side of the GPS pwb. Also, you should have the uBlox GPS cable plugged into the connector on the side of the APM. If you do not see the red led shinning, then the GPS is not receiving power. The uBlox will flash a blue led when it has a 3D lock.
If you are using the MediaTek GPS, then you should see a blue led flashing if the GPS is receiving power. When the GPS gets a 3D lock, the flashing blue led will go solid.
Hope this helps.


Thanks! I had it plugged into the top of the APM. I didn’t notice the port on the side. Now everything is working perfectly. I suppose that top port is for the non plus model of the APM 2.5?

Thanks! I didn’t notice the GPS port on the side. I had it plugged in the top port next to the GPS label. Now that it is plugged into the correct port, everything works great.