3d Robotics X8 Multicopter Dimensions?

Hello drone fellows!

Can someone help me please?

Id like to get the 3d robotics x8 multirotor measures:

-Motor to motor distance

-Dimensions for the central, top and bottom plates

Please! I hope someone can help , its for a school project! Hopefully i can start right away, just need these measurements!


Hello Dx Aero,

The motor to motor distances (approximates) for the X8 2014 model are:

Front motors - 18.34”
Back motors - 18.25”
Motors measured from side - 12.25”

Dimensions (approximate) for plates, taken from distant points.

Bottom plate is 12.25” x 5.5”
Central plate is 3.875 “x 6.5”
Top plate is 3” x 5.75”

I hope that you find this information helpful.