3d Printed Motor Gear

I just got this drone. I have built some FPV racing drones but want to get into aerial photography and such. Eventually building a heavy lift copter with gimbal and all the fun stuff. I think Arducopter is the way to go.

In flying the drone around my house I got it caught up in my christmas tree and managed to strip one of the motor gears. I was going to order a new set of motors. But, Skyviper is sold out of them. They are also sold out of props. I have already broken one of them as well. Hopefully they get some soon.

I decided to 3d print the gear. Which is very difficult to print this small. I was able to do it with a .15mm head and lots of setting tweaks. Luckily, I have my Rostock Max V3 dialed in.

Here is the Thingiverse link to the gear with instructions to hopefully get it to work with any printer.

I’m thinking of creating a 3d print design for the prop gear as well. But, I don’t need it yet. If anybody needs one let me know and I will work it up. This will require hot melting the shaft out of the old gear and hot melting it into the new one. When I have to do this the hard part is creating the jig to keep it perfectly straight while melting in.


Hi have a 2450gps also and stripes a rotor gear, I have ordered new gears but after a week still no email if they even have them. I do ha e a friend with a 3d printer so if you have an stl file for the rotor gear I would be forever in debt to you so I could just geta bunch printed.

How about a 3D printed airframe with loads of lightening holes? Or at least the motor and gear mount that could be attached to a tubular arm? What material would you suggest?