3d Printed Low Profile Anti-Vibe Mount for PixRacer

You can download it from Thingiverse here.

I’ve been working on a quadcopter build from my venerable (and nigh-indestructible) Lumenier QAV250 with a PixRacer at the heart. I was having a lot of GPS issues and realized that my vibrations were sky-high with pre-made rubber anti-vibe mounting bobbins.

I moved on to gel pad which helped significantly, but still yielded high vibrations. I tried the mount referenced in the wiki and it is too tall for a racing quad, so I made my own. I am really happy with the results!

I posted the vibration graph as well as a pic of the mission around a trailer graveyard (Appalachia). I’ve flown it on missions up to 15m/s, which is really moving, and have no issues that I can see. It is rock solid.