3D power module won't power APM 2.6

When I plug in 3D/PM APM 2.6 does not turn on. I checked and 5v is present on the right pins
from the module to APM. The APM works just fine using UBEC via rail. Do I need to install JP1 when using the module ? I do not have any BEC hooked up from my ESCs. I would like to use module for battery and current meas. Can I just use cut the BEC lines and use the I and V and ground lines and still get measurment ?

I have the same problem. It seems to have happened on my new board when I first hooked up the receiver. I’ve heard that plugging them in hot can mess something up. I checked that 5V was coming out of the BEC and hot all the way to the corresponding pins on the board. Then I checked for continuity on the fuse and that was good but I didn’t check the diodes or the little voltage regulator. I figure I’ll just power it with an ESC BEC. My Power Module is giving voltage and currant readings from main battery which is all I really wanted anyway.

I’m curious if anyone can see any down side risks? I don’t really want to blow another $40 for a new board but it’s still cheaper than replacing an whole new copter. Also, each ESC is a BEC so I wonder if there are any potential down sides to plugging them all in the output rail? Sounds like great redundancy but my inexperience is showing a bit here.

That is what I did and all has been fine for a long time see my post here