3D power Module noise?

I have my APM2.6 installed in 350 Quad and powered via UBEC and it was flying fine (still making adj but overall I was very happy)
I wanted to log battery voltage and amps so I purchased the 3D power module from 3d rob. and installed it as per instructions. (removed my UBEC) and used BEC from power module. Took the Quad out for a test flight and things went BAD ! I first noticed it was very erratic then it did 180 deg flip. Back to bench I went and removed the 3D power module and installed my UBEC next test flight was back to normal. I think it must be noise from power module ??? Any help ?

Is your PM a genuine 3DR product or is it a clone? If it is a clone then you may have a defective module as some have failed to function right out of the box.
I assume that you verified the PM operation on the bench prior to going flying?
I have four genuine 3DR PMs and have yet to have a defective one.

Yes I think it is genuine I purchased it from 3D Robbitics. I did check it it first and it Armed ok.
I had to change the connectors to Deans because that it what I use. Solder joints look good and I have soldered many. Now thinking about remove BEC wire from 3D PM and using my UBEC for power. I think I can still log voltage and current via the other lines but Its not what I had in mind.
can’t seem to find anyone with this same problem !

Hi wcp1947,

Send an email to help@3drobotics.com explaining the problem and also add your order number to the email.