3.2 RC5 Pixhawk Maximum throttle limit

Hi Guys,
Im pretty new to copters in general, i tried reading a lot about my problem but i couldn’t figure it out.

I Build a quadcopter using a cheap KK board, which was barely flyable, so i moved on to a pixhawk.
I noticed that maximum throttle was not nearly as ‘hard’ as it was on the kk board.
So i hooked up an amp meter, full throttle was ± 14 amp’s, while each motor i use is rated 15 amps (with 20 esc onboard).
i hooked up a servo tester to one of the motor’s, it pulled 9 amp’s on it’s own, so the pixhawk isn’t even nearly using 50% of the total throttle it could use.
This is really annoying because while i’m dropping fast, it takes way to long to stop the drop.
The ESC are calibrated correctly, radio calibration is done.
TH_max was at 1000, which should be ok. The only thing i can do is to go over 1000 th_max, right now it’s at 1400 which brings the total amp’s to around 25 amps while full throttle.
The only thing i am worried about is that to stabilize the drone, the pixhawk will not go over the 100% throttle limit. I’m afraid while i’m at near full throttle (lets say 120%) the pixhawk will not even try to manipulate the motors to stabilise the copter in the 20% remaining throttle limit.

Any suggestions as to how to solve this problem, or should i be ok at 140% throttle_max?
Kind Regards

hello i suggest you post this to the Github project, see here