3.2.3 BUG report

I am using a delta wing - 2 elevons, one payload release servo CH7
After upgrading from ArduPlane V3.2.0 to ArduPlane V3.2.3, the relese servo CH7 does not return to the center servo position using this code:
DO_SET_SERVO /7/ 1940
DO_SET_SERVO /7/ 1500

In the V3.2.0 the servo always returned to PWM1500

I also upgradet the mission planner from 1.3.19 to 1.3.23
Maybe the Mission Planner upgraded software wrongly writes the waypoint actions.

It is the mission planner bug.
The Arduplane software has nothing to do with it

It would REALLY help us out if you could please raise an issue on mission planner github and include detailed steps to replicate the problem. That’s always the hurdle when trying to fix an issue - how to replicate it reliably.
Thanks, Grant.