28: VL53L1X-ShortRange?

Anyone know what the rangefinder 28: VL53L1X-ShortRange would be?
I have the 16: VL53L1X 17 but if I set 28 arducopter 4.0.5 does not recognize it. Thanks

from full param list:

0:None 1:Analog 2:MaxbotixI2C 3:LidarLite-I2C 5:PWM 6:BBB-PRU 7:LightWareI2C 8:LightWareSerial 9:Bebop 10:MAVLink 11:uLanding 12:LeddarOne 13:MaxbotixSerial 14:TeraRangerI2C 15:LidarLiteV3-I2C 16:VL53L0X or VL53L1X 17:NMEA 18:WASP-LRF 19:BenewakeTF02 20:Benewake-Serial 21:LidarLightV3HP 22:PWM 23:BlueRoboticsPing 24:UAVCAN 25:BenewakeTFminiPlus-I2C 26:LanbaoPSK-CM8JL65-CC5 27:BenewakeTF03 28:VL53L1X-ShortRange 29:LeddarVu8-Serial 30:HC-SR04 31:GYUS42v2 100:SITL

I’ve used VL53L1X from Sparkfun some time ago and it worked ok in both 16 and 28 modes. I think it was 4.0.3 firmware or earlier.
As I remember mode 28 supposed to provide slightly more stable readings by reducing the max range. But in fact I didn’t noticed a lot of difference outdoor. Both were performing bad because of sensor size.

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Strange … 28 in my configuration is not recognized, only 16. Also works badly for me outdoors, I’m waiting for TF-Luna hoping it works better