2700 and auto mode button mapping

I am hoping someone here can help. I upgraded from a 2450 gps to the journey 2700. I am trying to map auto mode to the transmitter buttons like I have done with the 2450. The transmitter with the 2700 no longer has a mode button marked. I am trying to set a dual button press I have done with the 2450. Mode button plus bumper button at the same time sets auto mode. Which button on the 2700 transmitter now corresponds to the mode button?

Hi Eric,

The Journey uses Profiles, which is different from last year. With profiles, you can swap over to a different mode and stack of parameters with a button press on the NORMAL/SPORT button. There are technically 4 profiles, but only two get banked as active at any given time.

For example, out of the box there are 2 profiles: NORMAL and SPORT. They are both essentially LOITER with different max angles to allow the flight to be faster in SPORT mode. There are other params that are different, but only to affect the ‘feel’ of the flight.

I often setup Profile 1 to be essentially the “LOITER SPORT” mode, and make Profile 2 like a Sporty “ALT HOLD” mode if I want to fly without GPS.

I know this doesn’t really help your 2 button combo request, but it may help you setup an easy way to quickly turn on the desired elements you want by creating a ‘custom’ profile.

Thank you for your reply. I have been playing around today and can confirm that the normal/sport button is considered the mode button on the 2700. I successfully mapped the normal/sport + stunt button to switch to auto mode in the web based settings.

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