2 x CAN GPS blending

So I have Here2 (Ublox M8N) and mRo GPS ONE (UbloxM9N) connected to Cube Black. I would like to use them and their compasses in blending mode -“USE best”
Please check did I connect everything correctly.
Here2 is connected to CAN2 on Cube Black. mRoGPS ONE is connected to CAN1 on Cube Black. I set:


Do I have to change: GPS_AUTO_CONFIG: from 1 to 2 ???

Anything more. In Mission Planner at home everything looks ok…

There is no compass Blending Mode, and GPS Blending Mode and Use Best are 2 different things. Perhaps rephrase your question.

Yes I understand but that’s the same option: GPS_AUTO_SWITCH:1 and 2 and in wiki it is also at the same place: GPS Blending (aka Dual GPS) — Copter documentation

and my question is:Iis it working ? and
do I have to change: GPS_AUTO_CONFIG: from 1 to 2 ???

1 is Use Best, 2 is Blend. Select the mode you want.
GPS_AUTO_CONFIG. Set to 2 I would guess but don’t have 2 CAN modules so test it.