1Sheeld gps streaming data to 1sheeld equipped robot simplifies follow me?

I want a modified wheelchair robot to follow me. If the droid in my pocket streams comma delimited gps coordinates through Sensor Data app or Sensor log and inexpensive droid on robot streams gps coordinates through Sensor Data app is thére an inepensive way to connect with Sabertooth 2X25V2 without using pixhawk? Would like wheelchair robot to carry supplies for me when hiking and have it keép constant distance behind me. Am not technical and hope to find simplest solution. Would using 1Sheeld help?

Its not as hard as that, you would be reinventing the wheel a little.

I think follow me works in vehicles and if so all you need is the tower app and a suitable vehicle (wheelchair)

Converting that is going to be harder than the follow me.

That phone will need to be in view of the sky as well, in your pocket the GPS will not work as well :wink: