12s battery handling

Hi guys,

I have packed my own the 12s-battery for my large vehicle which is spraying drone. Everything goes fine with the Battery monitor function in Mission planner - Voltage and current (I also have the analog current and voltage sensor).

Now I expect to monitor individual cells of the battery (12 cells). Ardupilot now just supports upto 10 cells because I have check the BATTERY_STATUS message and it seem to return 10 only. However, the Mavlink 2 would be capable of 4 cells more in the extended field:

Do we have the plan for updating it?

Moreover, suppose that I successfully configure the SMBUS or UAVCAN to monitor the 10-cell battery, do we also have the plan to input the battery information via Mavlink, ie using https://mavlink.io/en/messages/common.html#SMART_BATTERY_INFO and https://mavlink.io/en/messages/common.html#SMART_BATTERY_STATUS to feed the battery status?

Thanks in advance,