10Kg Quad Motor Selection Help?

I plan to build a 10kg dedicated photography quad and ask if anyone has a motor/prop/battery combination that works and are happy to share?

The specs are:- AUW 10kgs, Orange Cube, Kore board, Herelink and Here 3, Gremsy S1V3, Sony A6300, custom frame.

Using eCalc I can get about 38 minutes hover time using a 22000mAh 12s battery, T-Motor U8Ⅱ KV150 motor, 28x9.2 props but I’m wondering about the controllability using 150Kv motors?

If anyone has any advice on a configuration, I would appreciate it!

Also is there any suggestions on a set of robust landing gear retracts?

Copter 4.0 is definitely not the forum section for your question.

But on the matter at hand, building a big 10 Kg quad for a puny 400g mirrorless is like using a hydraulic press to crack open a nut.
That Gremsy gimbal doesn’t have enough adjustment range to allow you heavy telephoto lenses on the A6300, so your range of optics will be limited to the light ones. Then the Gremsy itself becomes too heavy for the task. There are alot of lighter gimbals to fly a mirrorless around, making your entire payload less then a kilo, allowing you to build a much more manageable quad, with 6S and 16-inch props down in the 5Kg AUW.

I’m curious which gimbals you are referring to for lighter mirrorless camera? All we could find was the gremsy pixy. We ended up designing our own as nothing really fit the RX100 nicely.

The Walkera G-3S was the perfect RX100 gimbal. Sadly, it’s not been produced anymore since almost 3 years ago and out of stock everywhere.
The Infinity MR-S2 is the currently available replacement, that works with A6x00 series, as well.

It’s funny you say that because we ordered 3 of the walkera and none of them would keep the pitch axis stable on our RX100VI. I tried so hard as I really just wanted to use something off the shelf, but no go. Maybe they work with the older RX100 well?

This is what we ended up designing. Our gimbal needs to be non-conductive, so that’s another thing that is basically impossible to find. The Infinity looks pretty nice to me.

Hi Cornel
Thanks for your comments and I take your point that a 10kg is a over kill! I have also tried the Walkera G-3S without luck and now use a Pixy U with a RX100 but the fit seems a compromise.
The Infinity MR-S2 looks good as a RX100 and a A6XXX would fit.
Any suggestion on a motor/prop/battery would be appreciated!

Some thought has gone into that machine! What sort of flight time?

@vosair The G-3S was designed for the Mark II. I put a Mark IV on one and had to file the mounting hole oval and put some foam spacers to be able to mount the camera 2mm aft, and the roll mount needed some adjusting, as well. Haven’t tried a VI.

@Peterarnold MN4010 370 kV, 16-inch, Tattu 12.000 mAh 6S. But you’ll have to stay lightweight thruout all your build.

Ah, that makes sense. The VI has the most glass in it and is quite a bit heavier than the other RX.

I would recommend KDE direct propulsion systems

@ThePara Thanks and I already have some KDE 4014XF 380kv motors and 18.5 x 6.3 props so that could be a good start?
Maybe revisit my dust covered G-3S??

Those motors are pretty heavy. And the props are too big for my liking. You won’t have a decent flying machine in moderate, high or gusting winds.
My absolute favourite motor for 6S was the HengLi 4010. 75 grams without wires. Discontinued like 5 or 6 years ago. The T-Motor MN4010 at 110 grams is 2nd place. Both did well with 16 inch props, but for not caring about the wind at all I put 15 inch on them. Poplar trees were being bent to horizontal, once, and I was still flying the darn mapping mission.

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Thanks again! What AUW would be the aim?
I also have a bunch of spare KDE 3510 475 motors and Zeal 15x5 props and have them also on a hex with a Pixy U and 22000mAh battery but it is heavy build that sort of evolved so I’m trying to apply a bit of science this time???

I have used KDE360kv motors with 1865 propellers on a quadcopter flying in winds upwards of 30MPH w/ 45MPH gusts. This wasn’t tame flight too - fast direction changes and flight up to 30MPH.

Although this wouldn’t be the exact motor matchup I would choose (personally I would go with KDE360 and 18" props) - the 380KV will work just fine given you already have them in house. 22Ah 6s will pair nicely for a quadcopter.

Optimize all the wiring and you’re looking at a build with an AUW of roughly 5000g w/o payload.

Thanks for all the help! I will do some numbers using the gear I have and hopefully get a combination that works??

Checking on the MR-S2 I couldn’t find the information if it is limited yaw or got a continuous yaw (360 inifinite). Also the connections, interfaces (except alexamos) aren’t really described. I saw power, and on/off. Is there anywhere a more detailled description of this gimbal?

It’s limitless 360. Has a slip ring in the pan motor with a bunch of wires going thru.

Any documentation available? I would like to see if I could connect the camera (Power, AUX, HDMI, Ethernet etc) to the gimbal plate and grab the things from the gimbal mount.