1 hour endurance with 50kg Payload


Is it possible to achieve close to an hour of endurance with 50kg payload on an electric multirotor ? Has anyone seen/build/worked with such a configuration ? If yes then can you comment on the propulsion system used in that vehicle.
I’ve seen lots of hybrid VTOLs that can exceed these numbers but never with multirotors


A DJI Matrice 300 will supposedly fly for 55 minutes, but only with zero payload.

I think to do it with a payload you’d either need a very large aircraft with a massive amount of battery capacity, or a hybrid power system to take advantage of the higher energy density of liquid fuels.

Those are 55 DJI-minutes. I think they use a different clock than the rest of us…


Absolutely, but you are probably going to have at least 100kg of batteries to do it. Putting your take off weight well over 200kg probably.

Of course a 50kg payload of any flight time should be a major engineering effort.

With good engineering and very careful attention to mass and efficiency it is absolutely possible though. Although it may not be worth the cost / effort.

I have built a quad that can do 80+ minutes with a useful payload. There isn’t any reason you can’t scale that up, as a matter of fact, in some ways it is favorable to. But componet availability will probably make it difficult to stay as mass efficient at an arbitrary size.

I dont know your budget but rough estimates for this type of vehicle makes it a around 2-3k$/kg of payload and total weight will probably require a heavy weight class drone permit and license

Supply it from ground, say at 110 or 240 Vac (more voltage thinner wires). Up: rectify and DC/DC supply as needed. It exists for surveillance (not much movement).

I would use hydrogen fuel cells. If you enjoy engineering it is a very promising technology.

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