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Rovers and boats General rover/boat hardware discussions
Helicopters General helicopter hardware discussion
UnSupported hardware This category is meant for discussion of Old and UnSupported hardwares. Hardware issues and possible solutions.
Linux Linux OS based autopilot discussions area. Such as: Navio, Erle etc...
Companion Computers Discussion about configuring and using Companion Computers.
Planes General plane hardware discussions
Multirotors General multirotor hardware discussion
Pixhawk family General Pixhawk based autopilot discussion such as: Pixhawk 1, PX4, PixRacer etc.
OSD/Video Video Overlay (OSD) hardware and general video related discussions
Pixhawk 2 Pixhawk 2 HW discussion
Other Hardware Other hardware discussion, e.g. TX, RX, etc.
Radios Generic Radio hardware discussion

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